Carbon fiber Body kit Brabus style for Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe (C217)

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Material: Visible carbon fiber
Compatibility: S-class 63 AMG Coupe (c217), S-class Coupe with AMG package
Part type: Analogue

Brabus carbon kit for the S-Class Coupe and Cabriolet

Mercedes-Benz is an automobile company that manufactures premium cars, trucks, and other vehicles and is one of the most popular brands around the world. Its history as a separate company began in 1926, in fact it was formed after the merger of independent firms - Benz & Cie and Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft. Its name was invented in honor of the two most outstanding models of these companies. It is interesting that, yielding to the German pronunciation, the stress should be put on the second syllable (Mercedes-Benz), but in the Russian language is much more common is the stress on the last syllable (Mercedes-Benz).
The first development of a single company in the same 1926 is a compressor series, one model from which even received the nickname "death trap" because of its power and speed. Already in 1931 the company debuted in a series of small cars, and before that was quite successful in the production of passenger cars. Also in the achievements of Mercedes-Benz should be included the first passenger car with a diesel engine. And what is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class?

S-Class is an abbreviation of the same German word, meaning "special class". And this class is really special. In fact, it is the most significant line in the entire history of the company. The first models of this class appeared before, but officially the S-Class was introduced only in 1972. All executive models of this series are the best-selling all over the world. There are two basic modifications: short wheelbase and long wheelbase, and the engines in different configurations can be gasoline, diesel, and even hybrid. The S-Class also includes coupes and cabriolets in smaller numbers, but sedans are still more common and favorite. The S-Class Coupe even wanted to merge into a separate CL-Class, but in 2014 the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe c217 was presented in Geneva, completely replacing the CL-Class and built on the shortened basis of the S-Class. The model was designed, perhaps, even too long, explaining it by the fact that there is no place for haste and trivia. Externally, the S-class Coupe is distinguished by its impressive dimensions (an astonishing length over 5 meters and already rather astonishing width under 2 meters), as well as by the frameless heavy door and the low landing. Despite the fact that the four-wheel drive model meets S-class standards regarding the engine and gearbox, the body here is already lighter and stiffer, and the suspension has become more advanced, now definitely depriving the car of any weaknesses. However, the dodger will make this model even more perfect, giving the massive car elegance and refinement of forms and emphasizing its sporty superiority. The hull will also give the car a distinctive character by giving it more individual characteristics.

So what does the Brabus Mercedes-Benz S coupe c217, w217 body kit consist of?

We offer a few basic components of the awning to consider:

1. front splitter (lip);
2. rear diffuser;
3. intercooler air intakes inserts;
4. overlays on the rear bumper;
5. spoiler, or antifender, on the trunk lid (tailgate).
All components are high-tech and made of carbon material, giving a special charm to the car. At the moment the species carbon fiber is the only option for dodgers, which our company offers. This material is several times stronger than steel and allows you to elevate the model to a new level of elegance.
If you have any questions regarding purchase and installation of sideboard on your car, please do not hesitate to contact us in any convenient for you messenger for more information. We cooperate with the best.

Visible carbon fiber
S-class 63 AMG Coupe (c217), S-class Coupe with AMG package
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