Brabus WideStar Body Kit for Mercedes G-class w463a, w464

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Compatibility: G-class (w463a), G-class 63 AMG (w463a)
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Buy Brabus WideStar Body Kit for Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen G-class w463a, w464.

Brabus WideStar-body Kit for Mercedes G-class w463a and w464

Automobile concern Mercedes is a recognized world leader in popularity of produced models of cars. Produced cars of different classes, including "SUV", that's how the word "Gelandewagen" is translated from German. The whole essence of this model is hidden in this name-it is an SUV with all-wheel drive, designed for use on various road surfaces, including rough terrain.

The first model of the G-class was released in 1979 (W463), since then the exterior of the car has not changed much. Initially, the car was produced for the needs of the army and police, but he liked the European consumer so much that almost the entire production was reoriented for civilian needs. From 1990 to the present moment, the second generation of SUVs (W463a and W464) is produced.


Body kit for Gelandewagen – for what it is necessary?

The manufacturer did not change the characteristics of the popular car, for the entire history of its existence, the G-class was practically not restyled. However, this does not mean that other companies did not try to put their own hands to the "icon" of the German automotive industry. Brands such as Hamann, Brabus, Mansory, Lorinser, Wald have made significant efforts to improve this model of car, releasing a variety of body kit G-class.

Sometimes such changes allowed quite significantly to transform the appearance of the car. To a greater extent, the vehicle is fitted with aerodynamic body kits, specialized systems for exhaust gases and discs. Also, special attention is paid to the interior of the car, concerning the seat upholstery, ceiling and linings on the door and steering wheel. The presence of a body kit allows you to give the car a unique appearance, make the g-class an exclusive vehicle.


What does BRABUS Gelandewagen body kit include?

The company Brabus gives the opportunity to make the car more brutal, giving it even more masculinity and adventurism. First of all, the changes concern the wheel arches, for which special extenders are provided. The air intake cover on the hood is used. On the front bumper set the original trim with additional running lights.

Among the smaller parts of the body, it should be noted the use of all kinds of moldings, roof edging and air intakes. Deep modernization Mercedes G-class may imply certain changes in the suspension (strengthening its characteristics) and modernization of the motor, other things such a body kit does not affect the appearance, but only changes the functionality of the car.


Optical carbon fiber body kit BRABUS Gelandewagen.

The improvement of led technology, allowed to make significant changes in the design of vehicles relating to automotive optics. In addition to additional lighting and marker lights on the bottom of the bumper, more powerful lamps in the headlights began to be used, changing the color and saturation of the light flux. At the moment, there are more than 200 different improvements of the G-class, and a quarter of them relate to lighting devices.


Why should I buy a body kit on Gelandewagen?

The desire to transform your car is natural for all owners of vehicles. Mercedes g-class models, although they belong to the category of SUVs, are actually cars of the premium segment, have an impressive cost and genuine interest from a certain category of customers. The very possession of G already proved the viability of its owner.

In most cases, the owners of expensive cars want to emphasize their car, to highlight it in the flow of other cars, to give its appearance some special elements. The best option to realize their dreams and desires into reality is to buy a body kit BRABUS on Gelendvagen. Modernization of the car will not worsen its technical characteristics, safety and driving qualities.

The tuning will improve such parameters of the car as aerodynamics and external attractiveness, in some cases it will be possible to achieve a slight reduction in fuel consumption.


What material is made of body kit for Gelandewagen and other premium cars?

For the manufacture of external body kits for the car use a strong, lightweight and durable material-carbon. The structure is characterized by high strength, carbon bumper pads or mirrors allow you to protect the car from accidental damage with minor contact with external threats.

So carbon fangs are installed on the front and rear bumpers, they have the property of shock absorption, smooth out minor bumps. In case of an accident, these body kits will not protect the car, but in case of unsuccessful Parking, they will be able to save the bumper from damage. However, buy a body kit for Gelandewagen more relevant to improve the external characteristics of the car, the role of protection of this element will be minimal.

The front and rear bumper are considered one of the key components that affect the appearance of the car, so most tuning kits for the G-class, concerns changing their appearance.


Quality and price of Mercedes BRABUS body kit

The cost of tuning to a certain extent corresponds to the price of the car, so the body kit on the Gelandewagen can not be called affordable. The quality of the offered products fully corresponds to the offered price, guaranteeing long-term operation and long-term preservation of the original attractive appearance of the products.

The price of tuning from Brabus for Mercedes G800 Will fully meet the impeccable quality of the German brand. BRABUS has always positioned itself as a manufacturer of unique equipment, technical devices and goods to them, the quality parameters of which are impeccable.


When is it better to install a BRABUS Widestar body kit?

The choice and timeliness of tuning fully falls on the owner of the vehicle. You can install body kits immediately after buying a car, which will favorably distinguish it in comparison with similar models.

Also, the installation of the g class body kit will be relevant after prolonged operation of transport, when over time the appearance of the "iron horse" becomes boring, it wants to add certain changes, improvements or features. In General, to make your car, the only and unique, which will naturally help Mercedes geledvagen body kit.

The cost of tuning is always justified, "upgraded" car will always be higher in value compared to the model with the basic configuration, so the body kit BRABUS on Gelandewagen can also be considered as a profitable investment in your own vehicle. Even a slight change in appearance can transform the appearance of the car, add personality to it.


Gelandewagen Body Kit – for yourself or others?

The strengthened suspension, the modernized motor, new elements of salon will be noticeable only to the owner of a car, they will improve characteristics of the car, but will not change its appearance. To improve the G-class, it will be preferable to use external body kits relating to changes in the hood, wheels and bumper. All these accessories are ideal for the implementation of professional tuning of the car, transform and make more attractive and original appearance.





 Full compatibility.


 Full compatibility.


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 The elements of the body kit:


 Rear and front bumper covers


 Rear and front door linings


 Front and rear arch extenders


 Side lining


 Lining on the door


 Additional optics


 Carbon hood scoop for Gelandewagen


 B-style spoiler for Gelandewagen


Glass fiber, Visible carbon fiber, ABS-plastic, Not visible carbon fiber
G-class (w463a), G-class 63 AMG (w463a)
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