Door sill model S

Price - 260.00 $
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Installation - 0.00 $
Thresholds on a Porsche (Cayenne, Panamera)

Thresholds for the Porsche (Cayenne, Panamera). Tuning City - tuning studio, manufacturing carbon sills for business class cars.

Price - 280.00 $
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Installation - 0.00 $
Door sills G-class Brabus

Price - 350.00 $
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Brabus WideStar Body Kit for Mercedes G-class w463a, w464

Buy Brabus WideStar Body Kit for Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen G-class w463a, w464.

Price - 5,600.00 $8,000.00 $
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Installation - 0.00 $
Factory Carbon body kit

Price - 8,000.00 $
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Installation - 0.00 $

Carbon tuning from Tuning city

If you looked into our online store, then you are unlikely to wonder why you need unique tuning and carbon tuning. But if you still doubt it, then we have some evidence why tuning will bring you moral and aesthetic pleasure:

  1. Tuning gives the car aggression, brutality, debatability and says that under the hood is hidden something very powerful
  2. Carbon tuning sets individuality and exclusiveness, adds luxury to the car
  3. Each element of tuning improves maneuverability, driving characteristics of the car
  4. Carbon tuning allows you to give a unique design and make cars easier.

There are not many online stores in Ukraine where you can order parts for tuning. We decided to open an atelier where everyone can order goods for an independent upgrade of their car. Among our customers are reputable auto repair shops that provide services to their customers. Our auto engineers will also install any styling element on your car.

Tuning brabus

Why Brabus tuning is valued worldwide. What was so unique about Klaus Brackman and Bodo Bushman (founders of the brabus atelier). They were engaged in sales of Mercedes cars and decided to individualize the design. Sedans, SUVs, a sports coupe in brabus tuning look expensive and presentable, in addition, the main principle of styling the Brabus is to achieve the highest technical specifications.

What components are available for brabus tuning:

  • Carbon hood Brabus style G900
  • Carbon body kit Brabus
  • Body kit Brabus WideStar for G-class (w463aw464)
  • Carbon spoiler on the trunk lid Brabus style 1: 1

Hood made of carbon - give the car an attractive look. The matte surface relief attracts attention. But motorists prefer such restyling not only for their stunning look, but also for its practical qualities. Carbon is highly durable and scratch resistant. In the Tuning-city studio, the craftsmen will make a hood with air intakes for the G900 gelendvagen. You can also order gelendvagen tuning in the form of a carbon lining.

The air intake allows you to at least slightly increase the power of the car, adding air flow. Power is noticeable at high engine speeds. In addition, the element gives the car a sporty look.

A carbon body kit will emphasize its exclusivity. If we talk about functionality, then thanks to the body kit you can achieve improved aerodynamics and maneuverability.

Carbon spoiler will be a successful addition and completion of all restyling. The spoiler also affects the performance of the aerodynamics and chassis.

Car tuning with carbon elements

Now let's talk directly about tuning with carbon elements. Why did this type of tuning become so popular? The thing is in the characteristics of carbon and in what advantages it gives the car. Carbon is much lighter than metal, is not susceptible to corrosion and is not inferior in strength to anything.

Due to carbon fiber, the tuning components do not make the car heavier and at the same time stronger and more reliable than tuning from plastic. And if you replace the factory elements from metal to carbon, you can significantly reduce the weight of the car. When tuning with carbon, the car acquires a stunning design and becomes an admiration.

Tuning Gelendvagen

The already impressive and solid Gelendvagen can also be tuned. If you thought that this car could not look cooler after the factory release, then we will dissuade you. In our online store you can order accessories for tuning gelendvagen or order them immediately with installation in our studio.

What options for tuning gelendvagen can be translated into reality:

  • B-style spare wheel cover
  • Fangs in the front and rear bumper
  • Front diffuser
  • Mask grille and headlights
  • Bonnet Brabus style G900
  • Mirror overlays
  • Bonnet trim B-style
  • Tuning brabus with body kit Brabus WideStar for the G-class (w463a, w464)
  • Carbon roof spoiler B-style

Each element can be installed both individually and in combination, if you decide to seriously modify your "beast". Tuning gelika gives it additional brutality and power and at the same time it allows to improve the aerodynamics of a cubic body.

Gelendvagen tuning shows all its improved characteristics at high speeds with a powerful air stream. It was then that we can note good handling and a higher speed of the car.

Why gelendvagen tuning should be done by professionals

  1. Gelendvagen itself is quite a powerful and weighted car. When tuning it is important not to “spoil” it with unnecessary elements, otherwise the car will look absurd.
  2. If painting is necessary after tuning the Gelendvagen, then professionals will carry it out at the proper level so that the shade of the elements exactly matches the shade of the body (painting is not necessary with carbon)
  3. Masters with extensive experience will be able to make carbon tuning so that it becomes a continuation of the car, and not a separate part of it.
  4. Ateliers with their own production base guarantee the quality of manufactured spare parts.

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